New Song! Its a COVER.

We worked pretty hard on this one - We think its fun!


Choosing a cover to do is such a tough choice here at Moving Past Tuesday.  Its not like we overthink anything.  Oh Wait.  Consider it's us.


Choosing a cover tune has so many considerations!

Is the song played out like Cat Stevens "The First Cut is the Deepest" so that nobody that would ever find it if they wanted to sure wouldn't give a listen if they did???  Does it elicit a significant "Ugh" and an eye roll?  Is the artist cool, but not too cool for school?  Would the guys on "High Fidelity " at the Record shop approve?  Would they like it?  How likely is the artist to sue us (naw, we paid for the rights). All those and more.  Most importantly, does is it groove and does it feature the vocals?

I think yeah.  

Let us know where this fits on you or Rob's top 10

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