Life during the time of Cholera

Quick check in here folks !  It was January, we played an art Gallery opening ( we are tragically hip ) didnt scare anyone away and even remembered to bring all the pieces to the PA!  We were of course poised to TAKE THE WORLD.  Then it was March and the world went upside down, and the world got awfully awfully small.   Guess that's pretty much true for all of us!  

We are still relentlessly recording ( in a socially distant way of course ) with the incredible Sir David Minehan and are almost able to "drop" another single featuring some REALLY special guests from Muscle Shoals and South Carolina on guitar, bass and even some snazzy art!    Cant wait to finish final mix and have it done!

In the mean time - stay safe, take what is going on seriously and Love one another !



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